Hello my name is Steph. I am a 17 yrs;Gay:) I am currently in Indiana. Piercings 3 and 1 tattoo:) My blog is mostly about gay stuff/pride, occasionally self harm help, and things in that area. Ask me anything your curious about. Have a gay day babes:)



He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

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She’s mine. I don’t want anyone else getting the same butterflies I get when she smiles or says my name. I don’t want anyone else making her blush or calling her “babe.” Call me selfish I don’t care. She’s mine.

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Anonymous asked: How has your day been lovely?


My day has been hectic. How has your day been?

Anonymous asked: I just found your blog and I think I'm in love


Aww good:)

Greer Danville speaking on behalf of all the lesbians in the world. (via sadparry)

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It’s just hard when you’re into girls and you have no idea if they’re into girls.
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