Hello my name is Steph. I am a 17 yrs;Gay:) I am currently in Indiana. Piercings 4 and 1 tattoo:) My blog is mostly about gay pride, self harm help, and things in that area. You may message me and we can talk or I will try to help you with a problem you may have. Have a gay day babes:)
Anonymous asked: Youre adorable x.


Thank you darling:)

Anonymous asked: are you more into femmes stems or butches


Femes and stems, but some butches can be attractive though

Anonymous asked: You're gorgeous, js. Have a lovely day (\/) ( . .) c(")(") ^^bunny


Aww thank you anon:) and nice bunny btw aha

perfectly-a-mermaid asked: youre super cute guuuuur


Aww thank you cutie

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